Men’s Haircuts

Not every haircut is the same. Some last longer than others, and those are the ones we want to introduce you to at Cigar City Barbershop. If you are looking for men’s haircuts in Tampa, FL, then choose us.

We have all varieties of cuts, from traditional ones that you will not be able to find in most salons to the most modern ones. We are experts who know how to work with all types and lengths of hair, so we can serve any customer who walks through our doors. We offer the following haircuts:

  • Fades and Tapers—Some of our most popular haircut requests are for fades and tapers. These cuts create a clean, smooth look that brings sophistication to any man’s look. These cuts are easy to maintain and can last a nice amount of time. We can create fades and tapers on any kind of hair.
  • Clipper Cuts—We also feature clipper cuts, which more and more men are choosing. These cuts maintain their shape for a substantial amount of time and require minimum upkeep. This is a great choice for a busy man.
  • Scissor Cuts—It is difficult to find a salon that offers scissor cuts for men. This is why turning to a barbershop is the best thing you can do for your hair. Scissor cuts create a much smoother look than other options. It takes a little longer than getting your hair cut with clippers, but the results are worth it.

If you are looking for men’s haircuts that you will always be happy with, then you have to stop by Cigar City Barbershop in Tampa, FL.

We have dedicated experts ready to give you a cut you will love. Ask us about our options right now!


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