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If you are looking for a barber shop in Tampa, FL, then our team at Cigar City Barbershop is here to help. We can offer a variety of services to make…

Men’s Haircut

Not every haircut is the same. Some last longer than others, and those are the ones we want to introduce you to at Cigar City Barbershop. If you are…

Straight Razor Shaves

Shaving correctly is an art best done with straight razors. Most salons will not offer this kind of service, but if you are looking for straight razor shaves in…
At Cigar City Barbershop, we offer men’s haircuts and straight razor shaves at excellent rates.
Welcome to Cigar City Barbershop
For a man, getting a perfect haircut or shave is not as simple as just stepping into a salon. If you are looking for the traditional offerings that only a barbershop can provide, you now have a great option. When you stop by Cigar City Barbershop in Tampa, FL, you are giving yourself an experience you will never forget.

At Cigar City Barbershop, we offer all of the traditional barbershop services. As Tampa’s old school traditional barber business, we can provide straight razor shaves, an authentic hot towel shave, military haircuts, gentlemen’s haircuts, pompadours, fades, tapers, comb overs, and so much more.

We offer excellent rates for all of our services, keeping our work as competitive as possible at all times. We are experts in the barbershop field who have spent years offering traditional shaves and haircuts, so you can always expect quality work when you choose us at Cigar City Barbershop. We are dedicated to providing a service you can recommend to your friends and relatives.

We are a bilingual barbershop, catering to both the Spanish speaking and the English speaking public. We are a friendly group of traditional barbers who will help you look your absolute best.

We are known as the speakeasy barbershop because we’re hidden away. If you are looking for a great haircut, wonderful straight razor shave come in today in Ybor City, Tampa and come in and enjoy our bar. Book your appointment today!

1501 E 9th Ave, Tampa, FL 33605


1501 E 9th Ave
Tampa, FL 33605


Mon-Fri: 11am - 7pm
Sat: 11am - 5pm
Sun: Closed

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